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FEBRUARY continued

Paint a Pot

Kids are off school and needing something to do?! Join Kelsey is painting a terra-cotta pot and filling it with a starter houseplant. Class fee is $10

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Presidents Day Succulent Garden

It's President's Day and the kids are off school. Stop on in and create a succulent garden + a flag to commemorate the day. Class fee is $25 and includes a pot, 3 succulents, rocks/sand, and a flag.

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Fairy Garden Workshop

Bring your whimsical self to our Fairy*Miniature Garden Class where we will be creating a fun little world for you to bring home (exciting for all ages!) $25 class fee, which includes guidance from Kelsey, a container or you can bring your own, 2 plants, and a fairy or an animal. Wood chips, gravel, sand, moss, and colorful rocks will be provided to make your garden one of a kind!

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Terrarium Workshop

Creating your own terrarium and watching it grow can be an extremely fulfilling experience. In this class John will work with you to create your very own mini jungle in a glass rose bowl! You will also be able to discuss how to care for your plants and keep your terrarium alive and thriving in the long term. Be prepared to get your hands dirty! Class cost is $25 and includes a 6 inch rose bowl, all materials needed, 3 terrarium plants, and an animal figurine.

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Winter Gnome Workshop

Oh how sweet and cute little gnome's are! In this workshop we will create your very own gnome to take home with you. Class fee is $20 and all materials are included.

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Houseplants 101

Houseplants have exploded in popularity over the last 2 years and more and more people are discovering how fun they can be! Learning to care for your plants however, can be a daunting task. Come on in to join John in this class discussing all things houseplants.Bring your questions and even your houseplants in need of some TLC and leave with the knowledge to care for them!

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Orchid Workshop

Orchids can often be thought of as difficult or finicky plants to keep. In this class we want to offer you everything you need to know to make keeping an orchid easy and enjoyable! Come into the shop to learn with John how these gorgeous plants like to be treated and choose from a variety of plants that we have to offer here at Casey's. Class cost is $5 with awesome orchids available for purchase as well!

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