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April continued

Kokedama Workshop

Have you ever been curious as to how to make your very own Kokedama (a Japanese String Garden)? Well this is your chance! At our make and take Kokedama workshop. Class fee includes all of the materials needed, detailed instructions by Dan, and how to care for your new garden. Class can get messy, please dress accordingly.

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Orchid Care & Pollination

In this class John will demonstrate how to care for and pollinate the more hardy species of orchid commonly found in garden shops and nurseries. If you've received an orchid as a gift in the past you know that it can be confusing to keep and especially to re-bloom them. Spend some time with us at Casey's and you'll gain all the understanding you need to keep these beautiful plants looking healthy and blooming every year

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Terrarium Workshop

Build your very own Open Terrarium. Class fee includes a 6" rose bowl, one plant, an animal or fairy, along with top dressings to decorate with. Other sizes are available with an additional fee.

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Succulent Wreath/Wall Hanging

Do you need a new piece of living art to spruce up a dead corner? or blank space on a wall? Stop on for our Succulent Wreath or Geometric Hanging Workshop. Class fee includes your choice of two different styles of succulent design art pieces, 3 cut succulents, moss and feathers to create your own masterpiece.

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Plant Mounting Class

Learn how to grow staghorn ferns, orchids, bromeliads, and air plants the way they grow in nature! These plants actually grow attached to the side of trees, rocks, and even on fences and telephones wires using specialized roots to attach themselves. Come on over to Casey's to learn how to mount these plants onto wood and other materials and keep them growing healthily in your home!

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May Day Pansy Basket

It's SPRINGTIME! Do you know the tradition of the May Day basket? We are bringing it back to life with this May Day Pansy Basket Workshop. In class you will create your very own May Day Basket filled with pansies and lady bugs or butterflies with a pretty bow to top it off. After you are done you can bring back this forgotten tradition and hang it on your neighbors,friends, or families front door.

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