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February continued

Terrarium Workshop

Build your very own Open Terrarium, class fee includes a 6" rose bowl, one plant, an animal or fairy, along with top dressings to decorate with. Other sizes are available with an additional fee.

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Floral Arranging 101

Have you ever been curious about floral design? Come to our newest class Floral Arranging 101: where you will learn the basics of floral design and leave with your very own vase arrangement! Class fee includes guidance from our designers, flowers and a vase.

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Air Plants 101

Have you ever had bad luck with a plant that's supposed to be carefree? Or even just curious about those awesome little air plants for sale? This class will dig a little deeper into everything about air plants and their care so that you can understand your plant's needs completely. This discussion style class will have a $5 class fee and send you home with your very own air plant and the knowledge to care for it

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Everlasting Crown Class

Stop on in to create your very own everlasting flower crown. There will be a numberof styles and colors to choose from. Great for festivals, baby showers, flower girls, etc. and will last forever! Class fee includes all the materials needed to complete one crown and instruction by our designers.

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