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Shrubs - both deciduous and evergreen - as well as perennials, are the backbone of every garden or landscape plan


Perennials provide a bridge between the permanent structure of shrubs and the temporary color of annuals. A well-placed perennial can provide years of interest at a relatively low cost, and can be easily shared with friends. Experiment with lots of variety at first to discover what does best in your garden.

  • Succulents


  • Groundcovers


  • Vines & Climbers

    Vines & Climbers

Native Plants

Native plants provide the best source of food and cover for wildlife and are ideally suited to the soils and climate they evolved in. Because of this, they generally require minimal fertilizer, little supplemental water after they are established, and no pest control. Native plants also help build and maintain our declining native wildlife and bug species.

  • Illinois Prairie

    Illinois Prairie

  • Coneflower


  • Perennial Grasses

    Perennial Grasses


Deciduous shrubs, those that lose their leaves in fall, give seasonal color and texture to the landscape. Interesting foliage shapes and colors, flowering habit and even bark color and texture add outdoor interest. Evergreens, with their strong shapes and dense foliage, provide four-season beauty and year-round privacy for outdoor living.

  • Roses


  • Deciduous


  • Evergreen


Perennials and Shrubs are available in the spring, summer and fall. Please call for availability and varietal information.