Casey's stocks a wide variety of chemicals for both home and garden as well as many organic alternatives. Many different brands are represented on our shelves and the inventory rapidly changes as new chemicals are available or old ones are retired.


Hand in hand with a good supply of chemicals is the knowledge to use them. The staff at Casey's is trained to analyze problems and guide you through any remedy necessary. Sometimes it will be a chemical control, sometimes cultural controls will be enough. There will even be times that we will recommend doing nothing at this time. We have many resources available in store to guide us, and if we can't identify will try other sources to find out for you, or refer you to some of those other sources.

Miracle Gro


We carry a full line of fertilizers for lawns, vegetable gardens, and trees and shrubs as well as specific fertilizers for tomatoes, azaleas, roses, bulbs, and many other outdoor plants. Types of indoor fertilizers would include general houseplant, African violet, orchid, gardenia, bonsai and others.


Liquid Fence

Whether you have trouble with rabbits eating your garden or cats and dogs invading your yard, we carry many products designed to help you address these situations. We have even carried snake and bat repellent. Some are natural solutions to these problems and some are chemical solutions, but whatever your preference we can recommend something to help.


We carry a full line of outdoor insecticide that can be applied through pressure sprayers or hose end sprayers, and also carry ready to use products. If you don't have either of those sprayers, we carry those, too. Or, if you have houseplants and some insect problems, we can guide you to the appropriate spray for those critters. From ants, to termites, to flour beetles, to slugs in the garden, to spiders in the parlor, we can help you.



Black spot on your roses? Powdery mildew on your lilac? Dollar spot in your lawn? We can address these problems and help you pick the correct fungicide.

Soil Amendments

Safer Brand

Making your soil lighter and looser, adding organic material, helping it to drain better - we have products to help you do all of these. Some of these would include the following: vermiculite, perlite, peatmoss, worm castings, high fired clay, sand, compost and cow manure, and mushroom compost. Or if you need to make your soil more acidic or basic we have the material for that too.


Bayer Advanced

From diatomaceous earth, Bacillus thuringiensis, worm castings, neem oil, blood meal, bone meal, earth juice, fish emulsion…..we carry many organics in many areas. Check out our Organics page for more information...

Hydroponic Supplies

Dr. Earth

Hydroponic supplies are also carried at Casey's. Organic fertilizers as well as inorganics are included in this line. Cloning gels, catalysts, pH adjusters, rockwool, geolite, as well as a complete line of metal halide high output lighting and more are carried in stock and many other items can be special ordered for you.

Water Gardening

Fox Farm

Hand in hand with supplying plants and pond materials, we also stock the chemicals to help keep your pond in balance. And since we sell fish, what could be more natural than fish supplies?