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March Classes & Events

Fairy Garden Class MAR

Fairy Garden Workshop

Bring your whimsical self to our Fairy/Miniature Garden Class where we will be creating a fun little world for you to bring home (exciting for all ages!) $25 class fee, which includes guidance from Kelsey, a container or you can bring your own, 2 plants, and a fairy or an animal. Gravel, sand, moss, and colorful rocks will be provided to make your garden one of a kind!

Wednesday, March 8 at 5PM

Saturday, March 25 at 12PM

Floral Arranging 101

Who needs a little color in their homes this time of year? Adding fresh flowers can bring happiness and joy to any space! Join Kelsey at Serendipity Mercantile for a fun day out, while she guides you in the basics to floral arranging. Class fee is $50 and includes a vase, greens, and fresh flowers to create your one-of-a-kind piece.
Class location: Serendipity Mercantile 902 IAA Dr Suite 2 Bloomington, IL 61701

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Kokedama Workshop

There are so many awesome ways to display plants and kokedama is one of the most fun and unique methods! Join Kelsey at the shop to learn about this Japanese art form and get your hands dirty creating your own amazing kokedama with your favorite plants! Class fee is $12 plus the cost of the plant/s you choose.

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Terrarium Workshop

Creating your own terrarium and watching it grow can be an extremely fulfilling experience. In this class Kelsey will work with you to create your very own mini jungle in a glass rose bowl! You will also be able to discuss how to care for your plants and keep your terrarium alive and thriving in the long term. Be prepared to get your hands dirty! Class cost is $30 and includes a 6 inch rose bowl, 2 terrarium plants, decorations and a character

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