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There is no other type of landscaping that makes as dramatic of an impact as a water feature

Casey's stocks a variety of aquatic plants and animals as well as the products to build and maintain a water garden in your landscape. We also offer expert information and consultation for our products. It is important to understand how the water garden functions and how to care for it properly. When a water garden is created with all the essential elements to form an ecological balance, there is very little maintenance.

Aquatic Plants, Fish & Animals

Utilizing various types of water plants: floaters, oxygenating grasses, bog plants and marginals as well as deep water plants like water lilies are all important parts of a healthy aquatic ecosystem.

Water LettuceFloaters or floating plants such as water hyacinth and water lettuce help reduce algae.
Oxygenating GrassesSometimes referred to as "nature's filter", oxygenating grasses absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen into the water - essential to the balance of the water garden ecosystem.
Aquatic IrisBog plants are shallow water aquatic plants – traditionally growing in 1-12” of water around the perimeter of a pond. They add interest and texture to a water garden. In a container garden, bog plants should be placed on top of rocks to lift them into a more shallow water environment. Aquatic iris, papyrus and cattails are a few examples.
Water Lilies & LotusDeep-water plants include water lilies and lotus. They need about 12” of water above their roots. Lilies will bring color and fragrance to your water garden.
Aquatic creatures can be added to water gardens and can help create a balanced ecosystem. Tadpoles will scavenge the bottom of your water garden for waste; snails help control algae and also consume organic matter creating nitrates to feed your plants. Goldfish keep mosquito larvae under control.
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    Water Garden

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Water Garden Products

pH Up, pH Down, Pond-ZymeAccuclear, Algaefix, Barely Bales, Barley Pellets, Barley Extract, Pond-Zyme with Barley
Ammo Lock, Chlorine & Heavy Metal Neutralizer, pH Up, pH Down
Microbe-LiftMicrobe-lift Spring/Summer Cleaner, Microbe-lift PL, Microbe-lift Autumn/Winter Prep, Sludge Away
Aquatic Plant Nutrition Tablets
Stress Coat, Microbe-Lift Goldfish & Koi FoodCyro Pro, Melafix, Pimafix, Pond Salt, Stress Coat
Microbe-lift Summer Staple, Microbe-lift Cold Weather, Microbe-lift Mini Pellets
Mosquito DunksFish, Mosquito Dunks
Liner Underlay, Liner, Filter Media, Silicone Sealant, Pond Build 'N Foam, Pumps