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You can choose from an array of flowering annuals, fragrant herbs, garden vegetables and bulbs


Annuals frame the view, soften the edges, and provide accents that shrubs and perennials cannot provide all-season long. Other benefits include providing armfuls of cut flowers in the home, patches of color all summer long, easy fill-ins for spaces in beds, colorful container plants, and the sheer joy of seeing a seed grow and blossom in one season. Unlike other plants in the garden, annuals provide season-long color, colors that can be changed from year to year, or season to season. Annuals allow you to alternate the beds to obtain a difference that cannot be had with perennials and shrubs. When special events call for change, annuals can be coordinated to match your needs.

  • Petunias


  • Cock's Comb

    Cock's Comb

  • Impatiens



We carry a variety of vegetable and fruit starts including tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, squash, eggplant, asparagus, berry bushes, strawberries, onions, seed potatoes, leafy vegetables and more. We also stock a wide assortment of herbs.

  • Cabbage


  • Vegetables


  • Vegetables



No garden is complete without bulbs. They provide early color and minimal care produce flowers year after year. A diverse group, blooming at different times can produce a variety of color, sizes, and shapes across the seasons.

  • Bulbs

    Summer Blooming Bulbs

  • Bulbs

    Spring Blooming Bulbs

  • Bulbs

    Forced Bulbs

Annuals, Vegetables/Fruits & Bulbs are available in the spring, summer and fall. Please call for availability and varietal information.