One of the largest growing areas of interest is incorporating water into your landscape. We offer information, consultation, and a wide array of products. It is important to understand how the water garden functions and how to care for it properly. When a water garden is created with all the essential elements to form an ecological balance, there is very little maintenance.

A Closer Look at a Pond Build . . .

Casey's provided the plants and landscaping expertise for "A Pond Build to Remember" which took place on Saturday, June 7, 2008 from 9:00AM until 4PM at the O'Neal residence in Bloomington.

Pond Build Gallery

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Water Garden Chemicals and Descriptions *

*All products carried in our water garden section are fish, plant and animal safe.

Water Clarifiers

Accuclear : Clumps small particles together to clear cloudy pond water.

Algaefix : Good for controlling and getting rid of string algae, green water, blanketweed, and algae blooms.

Barley Bales : Natural way to decompose unwanted bacteria and algae, helps to keep pond clean and clear, can be used at any time during the warm seasons. The bales come with a netting to help contain the straw. Can be used in conjunction with any other pond treatment.

Barley Pellets : 100% natural concentrated barley straw, enriched with peat and humic acid. Works just as well as the bales, but is a little neater.

Barley Extract : Liquid concentrate of barley, immediately starts decomposition process on contact, and naturally balances the pond water for improved clarity.

Barley Straw Planters : An attractive way to improve pond clarity. You can plant one non-submersible houseplant or water plant in the center and let it float around the surface of your pond. One planter treats up to 4,000 gallons, and will last 6 months.

Ecofix : Bacterial clarifier that reduces organic pollution and increases the concentration of dissolved oxygen.

Microbe-Lift : Gets rid of film in your water, and cleans

Pond-Zyme with Barley : Uses beneficial bacteria to eliminate organic sludge and debris from your pond.

Water Clarifiers

Maintaining Your Ecosystem

Microbe-lift Spring/Summer Cleaner : Beneficial bacteria that helps maintain pond balance and jump-start the pond in spring by reducing organic sediment buildup.

Microbe-lift PL : Beneficial bacteria that promotes ecological balance, and creates a healthy environment for fish and plants. Also reduces ammonia nitrogen levels, dissolves organic sludge, seeds, and maintains biological filters. Should be used all summer.

Microbe-lift Autumn/Winter Prep : Contains cold-water bacteria that provide biological activity in water under 40 degrees Fahrenheit, even under ice and snow.

Sludge Away : Heavy-duty sludge and muck removal. Gets between and under rocks to break-up the sludge and bring it the surface of the water for easier removal. Should use in the spring when opening the pond and in the fall before closing it for the winter. Should be used in conjunction with Spring and Summer cleaner, and Autumn/Winter Prep.

Maintining Your Ecosystem

Water Treatments

Ammo Lock : Detoxifies ammonia and removes chlorine and chloramines from tap water.

Chlorine & Heavy Metal Neutralizer : Neutralizes chlorine, copper, lead, zinc, and other heavy metals that can be found in tap water. This should be used every time a substantial amount of water is added to your pond.

pH Up : Raises the pH of water.

pH Down : Lowers the pH of water.

Water Treatments

Plant Fertilizers

Aquatic Plant Nutrition Tablets (Pondtabbs) : Fertilizer tablets enhanced with beneficial bacteria that conditions soil and nourishes aquatic plants. Its high potassium formula strengthens plant development for lush growth. Tab is placed directly into the pot or in the soil/planting media around the roots.

Microbe-lift Ensure : Encourages better root and blossom growth in pond plants.


Fish Treatments

Cyro Pro : Treats damage done by anchor worms and fish lice. Aids in wound healing, and helps to replace slime coating.Contains Vitamin B12.

Melafix : Antibacterial remedy that treats ulcers, open wounds, fin and tail rot, and repairs damaged fins. Should also be used in conjunction with Stress Coat when introducing new fish to the pond.

Pimafix : An Antifungal remedy that fights fungal infection on the body and fins of fish.

Pond Salt : 100% natural way that helps improve fish gill function to reduce stress, adds natural promotes disease recovery.

Stress Coat : Replaces natural mucous slime coating on fish, reduces fish stress, and helps heal wounds. Should be used every time new fish are added to the pond.

Fish Food & Treatments

Fish Foods

Microbe-lift Fruits and Greens : A spring and summer staple that blends apples, apricots, kiwis, mangos, papayas, peaches, pears, broccoli, cabbage, red peppers, peas, tomatoes, zucchini, and spinach together.

Microbe-lift High Growth and Energy : Should be used to the fall to help fish bulk up before winter hibernation.

Microbe-lift Cold Weather : A highly digestible cool-water diet with less protein and higher levels of fat. Should only be used when water temperatures are cool, such as late fall before the pond freezes over, and early spring when the pond thaws.

Microbe-lift Mini Pellets : Has Vitamin C that promotes tissue development. The mini pellets make it easier for fish under 3” long to intake food.


Mosquito Control


Fish : A natural way to keep mosquitoes at bay. Most kinds of fish sold at Casey’s will eat the mosquito larvae, and baby mosquitoes before they become biting adults. A sure fire way to keep the mosquito population down.

Quick Kill Mosquito Bits : Will kill mosquito larvae by simply sprinkling in standing water. Should trim down the population with-in 24 hours.

Mosquito Dunks : Kills mosquito larvae. One dunk will last 30 days, and treats areas of 100 square feet. Just place one dunk in places where water accumulates around your house.


Construction Materials

Liner Underlay : A sturdy cloth fabric installed under the liner to protect from tree and plant roots, and rocks. Underlay is 5ft. wide, and is sold by the running foot. There are no custom cuts on this product.

Liner : Our 45 mil EPDM Rubber liner, is certified fish safe and has a 20-year warranty. It is 20 ft wide and sold by the running foot. Custom cuts are available for this product.

Filter Media : Our media is 2” thick and 5' wide, and is sold by the running foot. There are no custom cuts on this product.

Silicone Sealant : Used for sealing joints where the liner attaches to the Biofalls filter snout and the skimmer faceplate. It is fish and plant safe.

Pond Build ‘N Foam : Expands and seals gaps between rocks and liner, diverts water over rocks instead of underneath, and simplifies waterfall construction. 1 can covers about 4 square feet of rockwork.

Pumps : We carry pumps from 80 gph to 1200 gph. Larger pumps can be special ordered.