Personal Home and Garden Services

Patio PotsCasey's Garden Shop and Florist works with businesses and institutions in the community on a variety of fronts. From mixed pots, interior plants, spring, summer, fall, and winter decorations, floral and silk designing, installing plantings, to full scale Christmas decorating, Casey's staff has the experience to give you the right look.


Mixed Pots

Whether it’s a spring planter full of pansies, a summer pot full of sun loving annuals, or the fall staple of mums, we love mixed pots. 
We prefer you bring in your pots, and let us help you pick out the plants.  Or you can drop off your pots, and leave the designing to our discretion.  If your pots are too heavy or cumbersome to bring in, we will come out to plant them for you. 


Holiday Decorating

christmas decoratingWe offer multiple decorating outlets around the holiday season (and during spring and summer).  With fall comes hay bales, corn stalks, mums, pumpkins, and gourds.  We will decorate your porches, houses, and porch pots.  We also sell silk arrangements and a multitude of fall merchandise.  And we love fall mixed pots! Christmas time is stressful for many, and we can help ease your decorating burdens.  We can decorate your porch pots, hang lights, even trim, set up, and decorate your tree and home.


Indoor Plant Guidance

Having a large selection of tropicals and house plants, year round, we offer advice, products, and consultation on any plants you may have indoors.  We understand that re-potting a large house plant can be a chore, as can hauling it to our store.  So we've made it easier on you.  We now make house calls for indoor plants needing re potting, pruning, watering, or fertilizing. 


Garden Services

MonarchcaterpillarCasey's garden shop, although a garden center and florist, does not do large landscape projects.  Our staff are trained in the more intimate areas of the plant world.  That being said, we will assist you with small jobs, or consultations on issues you may be having in your yard and garden.

Services we offer are:

  • Small plant installation
  • Fountain set up and installation
  • Pruning of small shrubs and perennials
  • Annual bed plantings
  • Mixed pot plantings for all seasons
  • Small annual and perennial bed designs (Drawings may not be to scale, as we do not have a landscape designer on staff.  Designs will be more or less guidelines then actual blueprints.) 
  • Perennial, tree, and shrub identification
  • Disease and bug identification