Happy Hosting!

Host/Hostess Gifts!

‘Tis the season for parties! Now that we’re in the busy holiday season, chances are you’ve got dinners, parties and social engagements filling up your calendar. Here at Casey’s we try to make your life a little easier with all kinds of quick, cute hostess gifts for all your holiday needs!


Amaryllis and Paperwhites


Winter flowering bulbs are a fun, long lasting alternative to cut flowers. The large bulbs can be planted in a small pot and will sprout and grow giant, beautiful flowers. Amaryllis  are fun to watch as they grow and eventually bloom – they can even be cut back and made to bloom year after year! Paperwhites will only last one season but grow to produce delicate, fragrant white flowers. We custom-plant bulbs in decorative pots that make wonderful gifts. We also carry amaryllis gift boxes that include the bulb, a pot and everything you need to plant one yourself!




We always have classic Fannie May favorites and holiday specials that are perfect for hostess gifts and stockings!





For a sophisticated and unique alternative, we carry an amazing line of gourmet loose leaf tea. With over a dozen flavors, there’s something for everyone. They come in cute tins that are perfect for giving! We’re also happy to announce that we have adorable tea and cookie combo tins just in time for Thanksgiving and Christmas!




dsc_0145  dsc_0120

Lanterns have become a gift staple here at Casey’s. They can be dressed up and used in so many different ways! An LED candle and a few green sprigs make a unique gift or a gorgeous mantle decoration if you’re the host! Or take a stroll through our fairy garden room and create your own little winter scene for a truly one of a kind gift.


Wine Accessories

dsc_0127  dsc_0128

Why not dress up that bottle of wine you’re bringing to dinner? We have all kinds of stoppers, toppers and even bottle sweaters that make a whimsical gift for any wine lover!


Think Outside the Vase

dsc_0130  dsc_0136

Bringing the hostess fresh flowers is a classic move, but why not make it a little more unique? Our florists have found ways to put flowers into just about anything.  We often arrange flowers in pretty mugs that can be used long after the flowers fade. There are also decorative tins, bowls, and boxes that can be lined, filled with flowers, and re-purposed later!



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