Fall Decorating Essentials


Autumn is officially here! The temperatures are dropping, fall plants are blooming and Casey’s is hopping! It’s time to fall-ify your home and we have everything you need!


Pumpkins and Gourds

Every year the amount of funky varieties of pumpkins, gourds and squash amazes us. This year is no exception. They can add great color and texture to any fall display.

dsc_0860 dsc_0863 dsc_0867 dsc_0924

Pumpkin stacking has become something of an art form here at Casey’s – our record is 12 pumpkins high! While this is a bit extreme, it’s a cute look to copy at home. All you need are a few flat pumpkins in various colors.

dsc_0890 dsc_0875 dsc_0880

You can also tuck smaller gourds into planters to add depth and interest to your plants.


dsc_0905 dsc_0901

Check out our Gild A Pumpkin classes to glamorize your gourds! October 4th and 21st. We’ll be having a FREE pumpkin sculpting demonstration October 11th and our annual pumpkin party will be October 16th. Check out our Classes & Events page for the scoop! http://www.caseysgardenshop.com/resources/classes-events.php



dsc_0927 dsc_0926

Fall mums are a classic. There are always the traditional yellow, white, burgundy, burnt orange and purple but, if you’re looking to mix it up, shades of pink, orange, lavender and mixed colors are also available.



Ornamental Peppers, Cabbage and Kale

Ornamental peppers add awesome color and texture to fall planters! They’re always a beautiful contrast next to fluffy, crinkly cabbage and kale.

dsc_0920 dsc_0928

dsc_0916 dsc_0910

Happy decorating!

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