Easy Care Houseplants You May Not Have Thought Of

It’s that time of year – back to school! Students are moving into new dorms and apartments and teachers are sprucing up classrooms and offices to settle into the new semester. What better way to make a space feel bright and comfortable than the addition of a houseplant? We’ve made a list featuring our hand-picked plants that are perfect for these environments.  They’re easy to care for, easy on the eyes, can improve air quality and – best of all – are hard to kill!



First on the list is Sansevieria. Also called “mother-in-law’s tongue” or “snake plant” is an excellent choice for plant care newbies. They come in a variety of colors, all featuring a snakeskin-like pattern on the leaves. They’re tolerant to lower light situations – a sunny window is perfect but they will also do fine in bright indoor light. Water sparingly – these plants must dry out between waterings and over watering can lead to root rot. So if you’re prone to forgetting to water, this is the plant for you!

Snake Plant


Craving a little color? Look no further than a Bromeliad. This plant has a bloom that will last for weeks on end and comes in a myriad of colors. It can survive in a range of light conditions and requires relatively little water.



Jade plants are great for the succulent lover. They come in lots of interesting shapes and are some of the easiest succulents to maintain. These plants do best in a bright window where they’re in at least 4 hours of sunlight per day. Watering is simple – soak thoroughly and let the soil completely dry out in between waterings. A quick draining soil with drainage holes in the bottom of the pot is necessary to regulate the ideal moisture level.


Lucky Bamboo

It doesn’t get much easier than a lucky bamboo plant – just drop a stalk in a container of water and avoid hot direct sunlight. Change out the water when it begins to get cloudy and add a tiny amount of all-purpose fertilizer every so often to keep the plant green and perky.


Air Plants

Tillandsia, or Air Plants, are truly unique! These plants literally live on air. They don’t need to be planted in soil – they take moisture from the air through their fuzzy leaves. They can be hung in glass containers, placed on window sills or worked into wall hangings. The possibilities with these versatile plants are nearly endless. They do best in bright light near a window and need to be submerged in a bowl of water for at least 5-10 minutes every week or so. Between soakings it’s good to mist them with a bit of water to make up for the lack of indoor humidity. Otherwise these freestanding little beauties need little care!


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